The Most Important Characteristics Of Modern Dancewear

by Carlye Flieder January 06, 2017

The Most Important Characteristics Of Modern Dancewear

Today's Dancewear

It should be no secret that dancers require clothing that is unique. These individuals are much different than business women. Their attire plays a very important role in their line of work and can help to greatly enhance the message they’re able to convey to their audience. With this in mind, C2 Wear strives to ensure our dancewear is perfectly designed to accommodate the 21st century dancer. We have done this by focusing on several key characteristics, which will be explored in greater depth below.


While dancers prefer not to be lumped together with models, they still need a good fashion sense. These individuals perform in front of an audience each and every night. Therefore, they need to look great. The right dancing attire will perfectly blend into the performance and will empower the dancer.


Dancers can undeniably work up a sweat very rapidly. These individuals perform many strenuous maneuvers consecutively with lightning speed. If they wear the inappropriate clothing, they’ll find themselves drenched with sweat, after their performance has ended. This is why it is absolutely pertinent for dancers to opt for clothing with maximum breathability. With breathable clothing, the dancer’s style will remain as cool as their latest dance moves.


Lightweight construction is a necessity for dancers. Heavy and bulky clothing will prove to be burdensome and this type of clothing will slow the dancer and hinder their performance. With clothing that is lightweight, the dancer will be able to pull off all of their amazing moves, without any difficulty whatsoever.


Finally, C2 Wear understands how important responsive clothing is for the dancer. The dancer needs clothing that will accommodate each and every one of their movements no matter how minute or dramatic. The clothing needs to mold to your shape and respond to your movements with maximum fluidity. With responsive clothing, you’ll be able to move your body and limbs, without any resistance whatsoever.

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Carlye Flieder
Carlye Flieder