C2 Wear – The Most Fashionable Dance & Activewear

As someone, who engages in an active lifestyle, you will understand the importance of breaking the boundaries and stepping outside of your comfort zone. You should emphasize this sentiment and make it clearly evident in all aspects of your life. This includes your lifestyle, daily activities, and of course, your fashion choices. C2 Wear is designed for people just like you! Our bold styles are versatile and more than capable of meeting the needs of all modern women and kids. Whether you’re out running the track, performing errands or relaxing on your couch, C2 Wear will make you comfortable and enhance your wardrobe.

Freedom And Comfort

C2 Wear is designed for bold women of the 21st century. Our active and fitness wear is fashionable and designed to provide you with maximum comfort. In this day and age, women need to take risks, break the standards, and go against the grain. C2 Wear accommodates this mindset by empowering women to show off their styles, make a bold statement, and remain totally fashionable all the while. All clothing within our repertoire is manufactured with the highest quality breathable materials.

The lightweight material will never hold you back!


C2 Wear strongly believes in the importance of versatility. Today, women are required to assume many roles. They’re mothers, professionals, lifesavers, and everything in between. Therefore, we have designed our clothing to be just as versatile as you. Our company’s versatility ensures our clothing is more than suitable for all modern women. Whether you work in a professional environment, dance for a living, or just like to work out and exercise, we’ll have something that suits your needs.

Our clothing is versatile in practicality and aesthetics. Each article can easily complement your wardrobe and can be worn anywhere and everywhere. With our clothing, you’ll be able to step outside of your box and strive for perfection. That is what we do each and every day. We encourage all women to do the same.